Our Most Popular FAQs

How important is content in digital?

Contents are vital in performing well for optimization in search. Generally, a good natural and original content that links to your website is better than just worthless links. The GrainBarn Agency does not work to just place connecting links to your websites to build traffic. We create wonderful contents that are healthy for your website and the contents should absolutely be able to engage with your audiences directly. We would never call ourselves experts in digital optimization if we didn't love creating new engaging content.

The difference between quality Vs. non quality contents

The more credible the source the better it is. We like to think that the best contents are contents created as originals that people trust while making it more engaging, memorable and shareable. Contents are not about links and keywords anymore. Contents are now the entire digital paradigm that all work in synergy tailored for the consumers.

What is the fastest way to generate links and rank up?

If you believe a solid methodic digital strategy can rank up your website in a matter of few days, you have it all wrong. Remember SERPs is "earned", "natural" or "organic". Do you see the similarities in those three words? If you can buy rankings, we would not be here. Digital optimization requires patience and best practice to build and in return, you are rewarded with higher digital ranking and enriched user experience as the biggest result.

Do we just do digital optimization?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, we do Optimization. But we focus our work on organically building optimized strategies which involves quite almost everything that is considered digital, even including the screen you are using to read this. Optimization involves more than links and keywords. It involves Optimization of the complete digital paradigm coupled with SEM and CRO. Basically, the best word we can use to identify what we do is OPTIMIZATION of digital communications.