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5 SEO TIPS for Self DIY'ers

SEO Tips by The GrainBarn Agency

When performing your own Self-DIY SEO implementation, the following 5 tips may help.

1. MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Unless you really understand how to work with HTML, CSS, Scripts, coding etc. Never search online and copy paste into your files. This included cloud based web builders. Many blogs and webpages are setup by hackers so that they can immediately access your website through backdoor hacks. No matter what you do, they will always have a method to come back. Instead, ask friends or your hosting service provider. Even better, ask a professional SEO expert or expert web-builder's for advice.

2. Do not believe in SEO service providers that offer you a quick top rank guarantee. The fact of the matter is, there are no guarantees to effective SEO implementation. SEO takes time to build and is built on quality contents.

3. Do not rely on self-help videos on YouTube, Vimeo etc. SEO algorithms are constantly changing and most self-help videos are very out-dated and will likely hurt your ranks than improving it. Seek expert advice when you are really stuck.

4. When contacting companies that offer SEO services. Ask the following questions;

- Are contents important? This is highly important. If they tell you, they do it with high number of backlinks, drop them.

- How fast can you build backlinks? If they tell you we can do it in a matter of days, then dump them. Quality backlink building takes time.

- How many clients do you service SEO? If they tell you more than 1,000, make sure to ask how many SEO specialist work there? Fact is, expert SEO servicing takes time as they need to know your website and to properly help to build quality organic contents and links.

5. Invest in key SEO tools and software from a good reviewed source and take time to understand them and using them correctly. Take advantage of Google, Bing etc webmaster tools and analytics. Using their basic free tools will definitely help you position your website better in search rankings. Get to know and understand terms used for SEO.

Good luck!

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