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10 Tips for new business 2015 SEO

Top 10 SEO Tips for businesses

These 10 tips are for those new businesses with online websites. They are provided to help you with your new online website to rank higher using organic contents and strategies to better perform in organic search engine results.

1. Analyze your keywords with your audience in mind.

Keywords are still the basic start of doing SEO right. Use engaging keywords to attract your audience to your contents. Create new contents and drive them with innovative usage of keywords. After all, they use search to find information, not a bunch of webpages.

2. You better be mobile ready. Mobile device ownership has now surpassed PC ownership. More people are using mobile to connect to the digital world. Test your mobile through responsive design tests.

3. Keep it simple. Most visitors will glance through your website. The last thing they would want to do is read a book. Keep your contents simple and deliver impactful designs to deliver the best wow effect.

4. Always develop a strategy and follow it. Set clearly defined goals and objectives to accomplish and implement strategies that are methodic.

5. Create contents that are visually impactful and keep your contents as original and organic as possible. The last thing people want to see is repetitive contents. Give them the very latest and they shall appreciate.

Remember these three words: ENGAGING, MEMORABLE, SHAREABLE

6. Integrate digital marketing with overall marketing campaigns. They will see you offline and they expect to see similiar related contents online. Be proactive and provide the best related contents to your audience.

7. Build quality and trustworthy links to your website. The backlink method is not the same as before. There are over 1 billion websites in the world and many of them have poor quality information. Many are just to spam. Build and create organic contents that are original and build trusted backlinks to further help your website.

8. Maintain continuous updates for your social media contents. Social media sites and apps all serve a specific purpose as an integrated tool for your website. Know their purpose and use it for that specific purpose.

9. Monitor your website performance by using Analytics. Analytics provides detailed information about your website's performance. Use the data to make better decisions in building a good solid SEO roadmap.

10. Cross check your PPC / Display advertising and optimize in details. E.g. A search query using term "New truck review". The user is seeking information on a truck. The last thing you want to do is waste a valuable impression or CPC on less relevant users. Implement a revised CRO strategy and test results.

Remember, its' not about impressions and viewings anymore. SEO is now about organic contents marketing. Whether your ojectives are to drive subscriptions or sales, the better you are in contents marketing, the better you drive conversion rates. Good luck!

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