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Know the difference between Whitehat and Blackhat SEO. It will help you.

Black Hat vs. White Hat techniques

So now that you have your website up and running, it is time to start building contents to drive traffic to your website. It is very important to distinguish SEO's White Hat Vs. Black Hat techniques. The information contained in this section aims to educate you on being able to distinguish the best SEO practices in SEO's White Hat Vs. Black Hat practices in the most utilized areas for this practice.

What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), two main forms of techniques were coined to differentiate how websites are setup. As with anything else in this world, there are always the good and the bad. The good in this case is "White Hat" SEO techniques. The bad as you guessed it is "Black Hat" SEO techniques. An SEO expert never uses the Black Hat technique to achieve quick ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The following shows the effects of using such techniques.

White Hat SEO Technique

Used by most SEO practitioners, this technique allows your website to be cleaner and more qualitative contents and setup being in place. The best part of using White Hat technique is that once you start to gain SERPs ranking, it will last so much longer. You also become highly liked by most search engines. The negative of White Hat SEO technique is that it takes much longer for your website to become ranked in SERPs. However, it is completely worthwhile once you start to gain ranks. This practice is also highly ethical and strongly recommended to be used as your main SEO technique.

Black Hat SEO Technique

This technique can be quite tempting to use when you first launch your website. However, moany search engines now know what to look for and your website will be penalized if this practice is noticed by search engines. Your website can be banned, de-indexed or heavily penalized for using this unethical practice. We believe that the risks involved when using this technique is not worthwhile even though you gain quick rankings. Eventually, you will be noticed and penalized. Furthermore, you may obtain high rankings in the short run but it is really short term results.

One concern that many websites express is the fact that many links to your website cannot be controlled. So it is completely possible that your main competitor may hire a link farm specialist to point poor quality and bad backlinks to your website. To avoid this, we highly recommend that you use all available webmaster tools to disavow these poor links to your website.

Top Black Hat SEO Techniques Defined

SPAMDEXTING - The practice of repeating unrelated uses of keywords and phrases to manipulate the relevancy of resources indexed by search engines.

KEYWORD STUFFING IN META TAGS AND DESCRIPTIONS - This practice is using keywords without any proper formation of the structure in usage

HIDDEN TEXTS / INVISIBLE CONTENTS - This is using words and links not visible to the users eye. Such as using a black background with black fonts. Search engines are able to read the words but people cannot.

DOORWAY / GATEWAY PAGES - This practice is using a fake page that the user never gets to see. The primary purpose of this fake page is constructed for search engin spider to being tricked.

INVISIBLE I-FRAMES - This is using a page visible to user but does not require belonging to the company hosting the webpage. A code is placed to download software on to user's computer in the background with the user's knowledge.

LINK FARMING - This is the practice to buy poor quality links in high volume to link to your website. It is not wise as this process will eventually hurt your rankings.

Top White Hat SEO Techniques Defined

QUALITY ORIGINAL CONTENTS - The practice of building highly qualitative and original contents on your website. This will also help greatly in SEO organic performances.

STRUCTURAL MARKUPS / SCHEMA - The use of structural markups is a great way to show your website in a clearly defined arranged manner in SERPs. It is a bit difficult for first time users but once you get the hang of it, it is eating an apple pie.

META TAGS / META DESCRIPTIONS - The title and the description of your website needs to be somewhat related to your website's contents. Use the words carefully and wisely when entering this information.

ASSOCIATED KEYWORDS USAGE - When writing contents on your website, be careful to remain relevant to the core of your website contents. Do not emphasize motorcycles when your website is about cars.

BUILD QUALITY LINKS - A blog is always recommended. When you update your blog stories, be relevant and insightful. Also, pitch in with your work and time on other Blog sites so that they can link back to you more often.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE - Many websites do not consider mobile as their digital connection. Make sure that your contents are Mobile responsive and ask friends to check your website for you for any errors.

Stick to White Hat SEO Technique and You're Safe

For everything to achieve success takes time and patience. Even for SEO, it takes time, patience and efforts to learn to achieve success. No matter how fast you want your results, having patience is key to prosperity in SERPs. We hope you will stick to the best ethical practice when implementing your SEO techniques.

Good luck.

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