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Registering your new domain address the SEO way

How to choose most optimized url domain names

One of the best things and feelings you get when you launch your new domain name is actually being able to obtain what you wanted for your domain name. But with more than 1 billion websites in the world, it has proven to be difficult to get good domain names.

This is a guide to getting domain names that work well within the overall SEO approach. The most important thing to remember when creating and setting up your new domain name is to have a name that is memorable and relates to your business as soon as visitors come by. Another key suggestion is to have a short catchy name. Having a very long domain name is troublesome for visitors to type in as well as confusing. We had a client that once insisted the domain name he was using was continuously used. The domain name had 28 characters excluding the .com portion. It was his brand+type of service+industry and he complained why no one was visiting his website.

So, the following are tips and guidelines to think of when setting up your new domain name.

Who should you buy the domain name from?

Domain name providers are plentyful. Many offer domain names from $5 ~ $20 but premium domain names can be very costly. Unless you require a premium domain name, we strongly recommend just sticking to the good old simple names. Ideally, it is better to purchase domain names from bigger companies with a very reputable background. Some smaller domain name providers sometimes lead to a big headache. Also, it is not a good idea to purchase domain names from cloud website building websites. This way, if your access faces a security breach, it makes it harder for non domain name owners to take over your website completely.

Having a separate domain name registrar also allows for you to control the DNS records settings and more. Cloud based web builder sites have less flexibility in controling your DNS records setting to the full potential. However, it is much easier to use together as a whole complete service. There are pros and cons to everything but you should ultimately decide what is right for you.

When registering your domain with the domain name provider, your first task after you select your domain name is to confirm the duration of the domain name. Usually, domain names are available for purchase starting with a minimun term of 1 year and maxes out at usually 10 years before you can request extensions. There are many plans available such as pay as you go or duration packages being the longer you buy the domain name term the cheaper it is. And one thing you must always do is read the fine print.

Once you purchase the domain name, there is no going back. You do have some options such as domain forwarding, parking or putting it up for sale etc. But let's focus on domain name purchase for now.

Things to avoid when choosing domain names

These are some common mistakes when users purchase domain names that are not good for you in the long run but short as well. It is also good to consider domain names for the purpose of having better experiences for the visitors as well as best use of SEO organic practices.

  1. We mentioned earlier that keeping your domain name short and simple is good.

  2. Sometimes, your domain name are not always available as links. Users have to type in your complete domain name in the URL area to connect to your website. It makes it harder for the users as they end up with frustration and also may mistype the domain name. Even if your business name or the service name of your website is long, we strongly recommend using a shorter version.

  3. E.g. Your company name is Flowers Delivered To Your Door In Less Than A Minute Delivery Services. That simply will not work with domain names even though you are highly likely able to obtain it. A shortened version such as: flowersinaminute dot something would work much better.

  4. Be careful with how you use your domain name that may be inappropriate

  5. Your domain name may look very innocent until users sees them and it can be very inappropriate. For example, your business name can be Cars Exchange so you register carsexchange dot something. Do you see how that ends up being innocent for you but for others, it becomes a laughing stock.

  6. Consider more options and be creative and not too focused

  7. Remember, people are looking for good information and contents when they visit your website. So you do not always have to be purely focused on your business. Pretend your business sells tacos. You would like to have a domain name with the word taco attached such as bestfreshtacos.com. This is good in a way that you are focused on your primary product line but people enjoy other foods than just tacos and it just makes them think you only serve tacos. A better usage of domain name for this case would be something like bestmexfood.com The point is, when people see a link bestfreshtacos.com Vs. bestmexfood.com, you allow visitors more choices with the second just by using a more diverse name.

  8. When selecting TLD (Top Level Domain extension), select carefully

  9. The most common TLD is .com but more and more TLD extensions are now available. Unless you can afford to buy other TLD's such as .net and .org, to block security risks of someone else creating them as fake sites etc., select your TLD carefully. Something like google.net is automatically redirected to google.com for safety reasons. But, you do not need to purchase every TLD for your domain name such as .org or .gov. Many users basically can pinpoint what type of site the link is just by looking at the TLD. Such as .org is usually referred to an organization (non-profit) and gov is generally referred to government. Others such as .biz, .news, etc. are not too distinguishable but users may end up using .com afterwards. So be wise and select the best TLD for you.

  10. Ensure that your domain name is checked for spelling and avoid using hyphens when possible

  11. Domain names should be accurate in spelling and avoiding use of numbers and hyphens better produce results in organic search. For example, your website could be something like cars247.com When users tell friends about your website, their friend may enter carstwentyfour.com. Using hyphens also does not work well in search results ranking. For example, your website is my-cars.com because someone else had already taken mycars.com. In search results, search engines will most likely suggest mycars.com over my-cars.com. Finally, when purchasing your domain name, make sure your spelling is correct before proceeding as there is no coming back.

By following these simple steps on purchasing a new domain name, you should be better prepared to setup your website and becoe more successful in your SEO ranking results.

Good luck.

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