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Images on Websites: Do This But Don't Do That

Today, we discuss using images on your website best Optimized for SEO. With so many online website builders offering more diversity in terms of their product offerings, they are now more easier to use than learning how to ride a bicycle. But we tend to forget about the true important things that really matter when it comes to building the performance of your website. Like a bicycle, everyone can learn to ride one but not everyone can learn to ride in a more skillful method of bicycle riding. That takes time and practice just like mastering SEO for your website.

Building new websites is fun and exciting and yet challenging at times. But the real challenge for the website builder is not the design or content element but the actual performance of the website. Understanding the bedrock of making the website for others to find you remains and continues to be one of the biggest challenges. That is where some knowledge of SEO becomes a vital part of your website performances.

The other day, a client had reached us about his website not being indexed in search engines. His website wanted to purely focus on his business which was photography and did not want to use too much words for his contents. He also advised that he did everything possible according to the website builders tips on SEO with search engines. So we checked out his website and all looked normal and quite nicely designed. He was very proud that he created it all by himself. We asked him when the website was created and he advised us more than 4 months ago.

4 months and still not indexed at all? That is like giving your kids their favorite candy bar but it remains untouched. Impossible you may think but it really did happen. So here are the DOs and DON'Ts when using images on your website.

Do This Always

When uploading images to your website, it is very important to add additional information about the image(s). You do this by using the image ALT tag / description. Why this is very important. When search engines crawls your website, it is not a person but a coded process that is very scientific in its' creation which we SEO experts know it as Search ALGORITHMS. So, when these crawlers search your website, they are looking for specific information designated within their codes to return so that they can process the data and index them correctly.

Images cannot be seen by these crawlers so you must use the required image ALT text tag and description so that the crawlers know what your images are.

You do this by simply using and adding image ALT text tags / descriptions made available by most website builders editor programs. If you do not know what it is, ask your website builder for more information. You must always do this for every image on your website.

Sample Camera ALT Text

So this picture on the left is a Digital Camera by Canon EOS. We know it because we can see it. But crawlers cannot see it and requires more descriptions of what the image is. So for this sample, we used Sample Camera ALT Text for the ALT text identifer. You can actually check this by hovering your mouse pointer over the image and the text should show.

So when internet users use the specific keywords for an image, these types of images should appear as image search results.

It is a good practice to do this for every image you have on your website so that you have better chances of ranking higher in organic search results. It is recommended to use short but descriptive texts for the image.

Don't Do That

When uploading an image from your camera or your desktop, try to name the image file first before uploading the images.

Never just upload images without proper names. Some website builders automatically upload images with the original names attached. Such names as Screenshot1208765etc. Crawlers really do not appreciate screenshot of an image as they can be from another source not relevant to your website.

Try also not to copy images used by others as it is considered plagiarism. Use images that are royalty free or your own original images. Your audiences will appreciate it.

Hope this article helped.

Good luck,

The GrainBarn Agency Staff

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