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Beware Of Blogs and Websites That Lists Free Codes and Other Widgets

They will bite you at the end

Ok. So you decided to build your very own new website. You start to google for help and find things like new like buttons, scroll buttons, all types of new features and widgets you can add on to your site. Well, kudos to you for being excited and finding new things to add and learn about building your new website.

But, did you ever question yourself why these supposed sites are offering you all of these for FREE? Surely, everyone on this planet loves to help people for free right? And the internet does not lie?

NOT! Most people on earth will invest much time and energy into obtaining something because someone needs to gained for providing they provide. There are many phishers and hackers out there trying to use your new website as a spamming site or perhaps obtain access to your actual website information such as your personal customer base and use it as a disguise for something really malicious as spreading malware or other types of viruses. And once this starts to happen and search engines catches on, your website will likely be heavily penalized and will take great length and time just to get it back to order. Yes, I've been here and there and took a long while to get to know and understand how things worked.

The best places to find help is to first check your website builder support section first for any add-ons or learning how to implement codes and more. Especially social add ons. They are almost always there.

What you really need to watch out for are those sites asking you to copy and paste html codes and other types of scripts on your site. The best method to keeping your site safe is to use tools, plugins and buttons provided by your site builder. If your site builder does not have a specific tool, plugins or add on functions, chances are they are not free. Don't fall victim to websites posing as people out to helping you.

Such webpages are mostly linked to free website builders free pages. Be suspicious of these types of website links. Some examples are:

something something.weebly.com

something something.wix.com

something someting.wordpress.com

and more....

You need to keep your radars up and think about the source of the information being provided. If it is a personal free webpage claiming it works, chances are it will backfire.

So, always be cautious and suspicious when someone or some website asks you to copy and paste a code (html codes, scripts etc into your new website. Chances are, they want to use your new website for their own self gain and nothing beneficial will result for you.

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